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My name is Timothy Haney and I am a Plexus Independent Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide, Inc.

My journey has help me lose weight, get healthy and ease my old bones from creaking and popping.

My R-E-M Plan Guide shows you how I Reduced, Eliminated and Maximized my weight loss efforts by simply using the three steps above.

At my largest and unhealthiest, my doctor told me…”Tim, you are over-weight because you have basically had one piece of bread too much each day since you have been married.”

…are you freaking kidding me?



I was on a business trip in Atlanta, GA and took my family to a winter carnival at Lake Lanier.

health-maximized-carnival-rideMy son wanted to ride some of the carnival rides, so I obliged.

Problem was…I couldn’t fit on any of the rides.

That was my turning point…

I came up with a plan that would work with my busy lifestyle and travel requirements.

That’s when the R-E-M Plan came to life!


I started reducing the amount of calories, carbs or anything considered bad for me.

When going to a restaurant, fast food or other, I would cut back on the size or quantity of my meal.


Then my next step was to start eliminating the things in my diet that would hamper me from reaching my weight loss goals.  (this is not easy – but achievable)

Bye, bye Doctor Pepper!  Do you know how hard that is for me to give up?  Crapola!


My last step in my R-E-M Plan was to start maximizing my efforts.

#1 – I had to get up and MOVE!

Nothing outrageous…just start moving.  Walking, parking at the far end of the shopping center, taking the stairs, some light cardio…

walking.jpeg#2 – Taking Plexus Slim Weight Management products.

They not only have promoted my weight loss efforts, but also helped me with my nutrition and personal care needs.

So, no matter where you are right now, the plan is to start right now.

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