See me now below

Back in early 2013…

Wow, that was a long time ago, however, I remember it like yesterday.

I was working in the Atlanta, Georgia area and my wife and youngest son came up from “LA” – (that’s Lower Alabama for my East Coast and West Coast peps) to visit me for the weekend.

We decided to go to Lake Lanier and see the Christmas lights and ended up at a carnival.

My son and I walked around and he talked me into getting some tickets to ride some rides.

…that’s when my embarrassment came to light.

I was so big that I could not get on the rides with my son.  I had to stand on the outside looking in while he had a fantastic time with my tickets!

When I got back to my room, the scales told the story…296lbs!  Four pounds away from the big 300!

I had to do something before I hit that mark.

I had to do something for my family and my health.

But, I hated dieting.

So I sat down and came up with a plan.

I remembered one time at a doctor’s visit I asked about help with losing weight.  The doctor sat down and started writing on my chart.  He asked me several questions and then said…

“Tim, you have eaten one piece of bread too many per day since you were married.”

What!  Are you kiddin’ me?

That’s the problem with my weight loss?

Yes…that’s it.  Cut back.

And that is where the – R.E.M. Plan came into existence.

Instead of dieting, I started “R”educing, “E”liminating and ” Maximizing.

In my job, it was difficult to eat right when you are constantly on the road driving.

When at a drive-in or fast food restaurant I would get just an entree without the fries.  I Reduced my calories and carbs.

I then Eliminated the soda and started moving more and adding a supplement program to Maximize my efforts.

I’m now down to 243lbs and have kept it off for about 2 years.

Am I where I want to be? No.

Still want about 20 more pounds off.  But as with all weight loss journeys, you usually hit a wall.

(That’s another story)

Not where I want to be, but getting there!

With this simple R.E.M. Plan I was able to conquer my girth and get down to a manageable size without going thru a crazy diet program.

Now I cannot guarantee that if you use this simple plan you will get the same results as I do.

You should always consult your physician before doing anything diet related.

But just think…

If you are at a place that you don’t want to be.  Unhealthy, overweight tired of not being able to join in life the way you want to.

You could use this SIMPLE plan to change the direction you are headed.

Everyone has the ability and choice to CHANGE their direction.  You don’t have to end up in a place where you are unsatisfied with life.

Take the R.E.M. challenge and Maximize Your Health today!